Idea Fire Company – postcard (swill radio, LP, 2013)

Idea Fire Company - postcard (swill radio, LP, 2013)

Rating: 7/10

“Postcard” is the brand new LP by Idea Fire Company, the legendary duo of Scott Foust and Karla Borecky, that formed in 1988 in Massachusetts. Until now they have released about 9 full-length albums, most of them on their own Swill Radio imprint, most notable as anti-natural.

“Postcard” was originally released as a limited edition cassette of 93 hand-numbered copies on the Serbian label No Basement Is Deep Enough in 2011 and reissued in 2013 by Swill radio as an anniversary edition of the 25 years of IFCO and the 30 ones of Swill Radio!

On this album IFCO presents us nine musical pieces, structuring an ideal soundtrack for “eight imaginary impressionistic portraits of cities we have never been to”. Some of the tracks are quite melancholic using plenty of piano and trombone, reminds me of their previous sooo beautiful album “Music From The Impossible Salon ” (Kye, LP, 2011). The other ones still be more electronic with fancy rhythmical synthesizer parts and a kraut aesthetic.



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