Michael Pisaro, Oswald Egger, Julia Holter ‎– The Middle Of Life (Die Ganze Zeit) (Gravity Wave, CD, 2013)

the midle of life

Rating: 8/10

Michael Pisaro is an American composer, guitarist and curator of Gravity Wave. This label is quite new but till now it has released some very interesting works by Pisaro. This new one is called The Middle Of Life (Die Ganze Zeit) and it is a collaboration between Michael Pisaro, Oswald Egger and Julia Holter. It includes one long run track, about 47 min, that is based on Oswald Egger’s poetry book Die ganze Zeit, published in 2010 by Suhrkamp. Oswald was born in Italy but he has spent most of his life in Vienna. The text used on this CD is in German language and it is talking about the inner self, creating a lot of thoughts and fragment pictures to the listener. Especially when it starts at some point with readers (Taku Sugimoto, Kristín Haraldsdottír, Kunsu Shim, Graham Lambkin, Didier Aschour , Lucie Vitková, Julia Holter) repeating in multiple languages a text taken from Oswald Egger’s Diskrete Stetigkeit, Poesie und Mathematik (edition unseld, Suhrkamp Verlag, 2008) and says: “Mitten im Leben fand ich mich wieder wie in einem Wald (ohne Weg).” (English translation: In the middle of life I found myself again in the forest with no path) creating an atmosphere filled with feelings of despair and bitterness .

The music accompanies the text,using piano, field recordings (Grosse Mühl river, Neufelden, Austria) and electronics. Also there are some excerpts from Antoine Beuger playing flute and Julia Holter’s For One or More Voices for piano, performed by Michael Pisaro. The compositional structure and mix process made by Pizarro plays the most important role as every sound flows naturally, keeping the listener’s interest in both the text and the audio. There are no extremes here and if I will ask myself what this release leaves behind the answer would be: an atmosphere of sweet melancholy and a beautifully unique soundscape.



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