Wolf Eyes ‎– No Answer-Lower Floors (De Stijl, CD, 2013)

wolf eyes No Answer Lower Floors

Rating: 6,5/10

A long time had passed since Wolf eyes had their firstappearance to the American noise audience. Starting from the late nineties they build their reputation as one of the best MUST SEE live bands. Their live performances were full of energy and brutality breathing new life into the American noise music scene. Wolf eyes released a great number of albums through many labels like American Tapes, Hanson Records and Troubleman Unlimited and they win great popularity after their cooperation with Sub pop in 2004 and the release of Burned Mind. This album may not be their best album since then but for sure this was the one that opened new horizons to their sound and it stands as a forerunner of their top album Human Animal (2006, Sub Pop)

In 2013 Wolf Eyes came back with a new album that already drawn the attention of the press. No Answer-Lower Floors released on De Stijl and it includes 6 tracks, about 38 min of music. Here, Wolf Eyes sound is more restrained. Electronic parts have a more repetitive and rhythmic role in the compositions with a lot of drum rhythm and half-clean vocals. Some of the greatest moments of the album are Born Liar, the most powerful track on it and Chattering Lead, with minimal electronic parts very closed to Throbbing Gristle’s aesthetic.

As the new Wolf Eyes album sounds quite moody and surprisingly digestible, it will definitely help them to enhance their reputation and to expand their fan base. The bad thing for their already fans of the group is that this album could be quite “easy to consume” and maybe they still need some more from them.



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