Kuupuu – Sisar (EM, LP, 2013)


Rating: 8/10

I really don’t know how familiar you are with the Finnish noise-folk  music scene which highlighted through music collectives as Anaksimandros and Avarus. If you are, then you definitely know Kuupuu aka Jonna Karanka, a multi-talented musician and visual artist that started her career in 2003 with her homonymous self released cdr. Until now Kuupuu gave us a lot of great samples of music (Kevätlauluja, Lumen Tähden), that’s based on a lo-fi aesthetic with a ritualistic point of view.

Japanese label EM just released her new vinyl LP only album under the name Sisar (translated as sister) and a double CD compilation that includes tracks from her previous works, most of them released on limited editions cdrs and tapes. Of course this compilation is a great music library for discovering her notorious past, but Kuupuu has certainly present and for sure future as her new work still fresh and charming. As her previous album Lumen Tähden was more folk and acoustic, her new Sisar is completely different. Here Kuupuu sounds more electronic and she is more focused on distorted soundscapes. She uses a lot of abstract noises, synths, distorted vocals and beats. Looping with great talent sometimes she constructs melded drones and sometimes intelligent rhythmical parts on the verge of exploding. Some of the highlights are Viisikko kuusikossa, Pensas on eläinand and Itäjä. Maybe in this album the whole sense is not folk, as this has been achieved with her previous works, but it is more electronic refreshing and modern-day. Good stuff!



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