Zoviet France – 7.10.12 (Altvinyl, Box set, 2013)


Rating: 7/10

Zoviet*France long story begins in 1980 in Newcastle, UK when Ben Ponton and Mark Warren formed the band. So far many musicians like Andy Eardley, Lisa Hale, Mark Spybey, Paolo DI Paolo, Peter Jensen and Robin Storey have joined in this idiosyncratic collectiva for a period of time, exploring sonic areas of post industrialism. From their first primitive Hessian LP to the more ambient “Mohnomishe“, “Zoviet France” formed a very special and unique sound using a lot of cheap technologies,  tape recorders and homemade acoustic instruments. Zoviet France from the 90s to our days are still producing their own sound on an ambient industrial soundscape, making them one of the most important groups of the scene.
7.10.12 box set released for the first time on 7/10/12, including a 12inch, a 10inch and a 7inch LP. The clever title of it in conjunction with the three clear LP discs and a beautiful package designed by Zoviet*france made this box set a collectable art object that it was sold out for the first day of their release. Today Altvinyl has been repressed 7.10.12 at an affordable price at the moment but with a lighter package, as this one is out as a standard black vinyl and packaged together in plain black sleeves. Music still exciting with Zoviet France creating a minimalistic ambient of sonic space distinguished by its very personal quality.



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