Yeast Culture – iys [Art Into Life, LP, 2012]

Yeast Culture

Rating: 8/10

Yeast Culture was a group of people (Mark Schomburg, Carol Stewart, Allen Russell, Brad Scudder and Dale Travous) based in Seattle, USA and they were active from the middle 80s to early 90s. They tried to mobilize the local noise scene with organizing events, promoting artists and selling records in an apartment known as Main Plant. They found Petri Supply label, publishing their own works accompanied with beautiful DIY packages. From the late 80s to the early nineties Yeast Culture participated the European noise scene and worked with Dutch group Kapotte Muziek (Frans de Waard) until they split up.

On September Japanese label and e-shop Art Into Life reissued Yeast Culture’s IYS LP that is first released in 1989 by themselves. This record is a conceptual project as the recordings use sounds from a Madrona tree at a rural location in Whidbey Island (summer of 1989). For three days Yeast Culture did field recording of the noises that it was produced by the leaves and the branches because of the wind. After that, they did some editing of the material, giving it a more electronic tone. On the second side of the LP there is the same recording but it is reversed, “meaning that theoretically if you played both sides at the same time, the sounds would cancel themselves out”. The LP was out as a screen-printed gatefold jacket and it was including leaves and/or branches of that tree, completing that concept in the best ever way.

There issue is also looking good as it is beautifully packaged in a special gatefold and with Screen printed sleeves. This is a quite historical reissue of a collective that still unknown to a lot of people because of their devoting on noise and experimentalism.


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