Madrugapha / Omasin – Golden Rain Pope (Salvador, cassette / download, 2013)

Rating: 7.5 /10

Madrugapha and Omasin are based in Argentina and they are very active in experimental, psyche folk community in Latin America. Since now I know Omasin aka Ø+yn from their previous works on Ikuisuus and The Higs & Lows records as Madrugapha are new to me.

Golden Rain Pope is a conceptual album of field recordings made in mountain Chords-Ho-La in Argentina. The two bands meet together and build their diy studio in the countryside having an all day long sessions. The cassette starts with a small intro of a custom made ritual inspired by the Indian shaman like tradition. After that the two bands start to improvise using a big range of acoustic instruments like violin, keyboards, percussion, wind instruments e.t.g.  But also some electronic pedals. The main feeling of the recordings is a free folk improvisation that leads in a drone like meditation music. The recordings have been edited and mixed together, present us here two long run tracks. The whole project is getting clearer in a short document video that you can watch below.
This is an interesting release from a Latin American music scene that it is still producing works that is full of weirdness and colorfully Exoticism.


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