7 inches records by The Pitchshifters [Meeuw Muzak + Pax Records]


The Pitchshifters – Sound Source Compound (Pax Records, 7inch single, 2012)

The Pitchshifters – Goshen / 828 (Meeuw Muzak, 7inch single, 2011)

Rating: 9 / 10

These 7 inches are the first two items I have from the Pitchshifters, which is the solo project of Hideto Aso from Japan.  I search for more info on the web but I found almost nothing, except some of their previous releases. I thought that maybe is a musical project that may be (stay) inactive for a long period of time or is a kind of an enigmatic one man group. The 7 inch by the new Muzak has no info enclosed, make me wonder what the hell may be the Pitchshifters. What I could do it was just listening to his music and give it some time to reveal itself.

Goshen is an ambient track using chip keyboards, which produce melodic sleepy tones. It’s quite calm and relaxing, leading us to a deep dreamy state. This track sounds more up to date and has a modern approach to the whole synthesis. On the other hand 828 is more optimistic and rhythmical because of the use of an analog drum machine, which identifies the musical quality of that piece. Its aesthetic is more lo-fi and absurd and this is the reason why I found it more attractive.

Sound Source Compound 7 inch record is lovely packaged, enclosing some info about the release and a beautiful cover artwork, probably painted on a canvas, of a melon and eight art & craft stylized spoons, like demanding for you to taste your fruit dessert according to your own aesthetic standards.  The record includes 3 old live recordings from 2003/4. Sonically, the whole sense is completely different from the Goshen / 828 record. This one is more complex and exotic, mixing some very interesting Japanese folk melodies, probably played with tapes, with lo-fi cosmic synthesizers. This sounds extremely interesting as the compositions here are sound very authentic and very well manipulated, without being understandable to the listener that this is played live.  I really enjoy it!

Info: http://www.meeuw.net/


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