Tsembla – Nouskaa Henget (New Images LTD, LP, 2013)


Rating: 9 / 10

I first notice Tsembla (Marja Johansson) when she released her debut 7”inch in Vauva label, which is founded by Jan Anderzén aka Tomutonttu, but I didn’t have the opportunity to listen of it. Two years later (2011) her first full length LP called Fauna come out by Ikuisuus records, a label that focuses on Finnish psychedelic folk music scene. That was a really pleasant and moody album with a lot of influences by the folk electronic Finnish scene; make me list her as one of the most promising artists of that scene.

Today, Tsembla has just released her new album called Nouskaa Henget, translated as “Spirits rise”. This album is coming out by the American label New Images LTD that is located in Ridgewood, USA and it is featuring 10 brand new tracks. Her second album sounds more optimistic with more rhythmical parts and a clearer aesthetic. Her sound still playful and uncommon, built-up with layers of weird evocative sounds, structured via sample manipulation.

I like it a lot!




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