Va – Sounds of Silence (Alga Marghen, 2XLP, 2013)


rated 10/10

The concept of silence in music is a quite radical position that touched the extremes through John Cage’s “4’33”, performed for the first time by David Tudor on August 29, 1952, at Woodstock, New York as part of a recital of contemporary piano music. That was the composition that epitome of Cage’s idea that any sounds may constitute music and according to his words, 4’33 was his most important work.

This double LP compilation released by the Italian Alga Marghen label is a fine anthology of silent recordings, from Andy Warhol to Afrika Bambaataa, that may have a different background but they still be a a clear speculation on what is music. Some of them could be performative, political, critical, abstract, poetic, cynical, technical, absurd or even a joke! This compilation includes compositions by Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Maurice Lemaitre, Sly & the Family Stone, Robert Wyatt, John Denver, Whitehouse, Orbital, Crass, Ciccone Youth, Afrika Bambaataa and of course Yves Klein. Is a limited edition of 250 only copies and its in gate-fold iconic sleeve. Get it!


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