Dominik Steiger ‎– Ad Hoc Musi 1980-84 (Tochnit Aleph, 2013, LP)


Rating 9/10

I don’t even remember when I notice this LP for the first time. Web is always surprising me with all these new music releases … a dozen of new releases every single day. At last this goes so confusing … almost annoying. On second thought, I think that I discover this one when I was searching for poems by Ira Cohen and then for Art Brut outsiders and then Franz Mon and then … I don’t remember … maybe this one.

Dominik Steiger has a very unique personality. You have to read his short bio in the webpage of tochnit-aleph. I was touched by his life story. He seems to me a really great man, a pure artistic outsider. Some sample recordings can be found in the same website and a short preview of his album here. This LP is a collection of 29 pieces home-recordings from 1980-84. Dominik Steiger is using voice, acoustic guitar, accordion and bontempi organ. Sounds great! This edition is limited of 400 copies.


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