Monopoly Child Star Searcher ‎– The Garnet Toucan [Underwater Peoples Records, LP, 2012]

Monopoly Child Star Searchers The Garnet Toucan

Rating: 10/10

This is not a new release, on the contrary this LP was out in November of 2012. On year later “The Garnet Toucan” sounds fresh and new and in my opinion is still one of the very best samples of new music. Monopoly Child Star Searcher is Spencer Clark, the man behind the small run labels New Age Cassettes and Pacific City both of them focuses on that newnew age music, one of the most exciting musical idiom of our times. Spencer Clark as a musician is a quite talented noisemaker, playing synth. He is responsible for a dozen of solo releases under a lot of names as Black Joker, Charles Berlitz, Fourth World Magazine, Vodka Soap, but he is most known by his duo with James Ferraro as “The Skaters”. His music is a mix of noise and psychedelic music influenced by musical exotism. The Garnet Toucan completes his “Romance Audio Trilogy” project elaborates upon the “Bamboo For Two (Olde English Spelling Bee) and Make Mine Macaw (Pacific City). Great stuff!




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