Anastenaria, music of the fire walkers (Kemal, 2LP, 2014)


Rating: 7/10

In 2008 on Echo music and Edition zero, two small run labels from Greece, released a limited cd-r with field recording from the Anastenaria ritual, a local custom of the residences of Saint Eleni village, in Serres. Every year on this celebration, “Anastenarides”, the participants of the ritual, are preparing their shelves through the ecstatic music and their faith to god for a firewalking dance.  This very old ritual routed from the pro-Hellenic ages and the pagan religion of Bacchus Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy. This first cd-r, sold out very soon and very few people had the opportunity to have this archive music, performed with lyra and hand drum, recorded by KSMEA in the 70s. It was very surprising for me to see that this quite rare document has re-issued by Kemal label as a double LP including the original recordings accompanied with two remixed tracks by Vatican Shadow  and Pete Swanson, both of them known for their music production that has to do with noisy projects (prurient) and dance culture. One reasonable question is how these two different types of music, the commercial dance music of our ages and the ritual music of the past can be fit together. My answer is that it is not and probably the most of the people that will buy this release will find different use for each one or even non for one of the two LPs. As positive is that the price is reasonable for a double LP, so this make you think of the possibility to buy it at last.

[More research? Check linked text]


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