Jim Strong – Voluntary Letters (CS, moremars, 2021)

We first met Jim Strong’s music through Vitrine record label. Going back to these days (2016), I remember that I was fascinated when I saw Jim’s custom made instruments, that they were looking like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They were like artifacts, with very complex mechanisms, producing crackle noises, resonances and more otherwordly sounds. After this release (“The Sallow Rakes”) I lost Jim’s signs. I knew that he released some very rare sound works with T.D., as Melkings, on a very limited cassette, most of them distributed hand by hand.

Now, in my hands, I have Jim Strong’s new work named as “Voluntary Letters“. This one includes some of his most well constructed compositions. He is still improvising with his self-build instruments! There are tracks that the voice plays a centric role to the instrumentation. This mixture of sound poetry, combined with broken electronics & impressive sounds, produced from his music instruments was a new apocalyptic side of his art.


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